Leaf falling under bridge in a small town


leafA couple of days ago, I painted this. It was an afternoon where I had a friend over and thought it would be a fun time to break out the acrylics. I call this painting “Leaf falling under bridge in a small town.” I was talking to Ryan, as we were trying to name it, giving examples of pretentious titles for works and I liked it and thought it fit. I was originally going to call it “Birth” because the central figure kind of looks like a fetus.


Here’s the painting underneath it. A couple of months ago, I was painting under the influence and started to see things in the painting and elaborated on that. The swooping yellow became too phallic to ignore, so I tried to make it more “kid friendly” by adding a pegasus playing chess, but that became a strangely square pepperoni pizza. I knew then that I would paint this over the first chance I got.

Ryan in the process of painting

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