Day 152: The First Demo Day

This was my first week of Web Developer Coding Bootcamp. After spending the summer recovering, I enrolled into a government sponsored vocational training program.

It’s been really nice having a place to go to focus on my projects. Today, we had demo day. I showed the class my project that I’ve been working on this week: a three-page website.


I’ve had previous experience with HTML5 and CSS3. This week, I’ve been learning Javascript using Codecademy.

As far as my brain goes, it’s very sad to me that I feel like I’m not that smart. I’ve felt a loss of creativity and I relate to a lot of people that are on forums discussing how they are not sure if it’s the depression or the drugs that is giving them this feeling of “blah-ness.” I don’t know how long it will last.

Everything that comes out seems like the opposite of inspired. I feel like a little kid trapped in a big person’s body. I find myself using simple vocabulary and when I try to look for more complex concepts, they are not there. I’m on the verge of crying just thinking about it.

I’m going to ask my therapist and psychiatrist about exploring psychiatric solutions to help me find that feeling that is myself. Some days, I feel like it’s important to push myself to draw. It’s a connection to what I consider to be quick magic. A touch of human in my computer-driven world.


Yes. My hair really does look like a curly mushroom cap.

Some notes for the day:

Beautiful Typography Examples Need some nice examples of forkable type?
Google Fonts Don’t forget to add your google fonts!

Dirty markup? I’m going to always use this site to clean up my code. It will close open divs, so watch out for extra divs!

“Describe the specs or goals for the projects, how you came up with the solution, the tools or methods you used, the obstacles you overcame, the lessons you learned, the skills you gained, the benefits of the end result, etc.” –

@hobbs, the Unicode standard says that is the preferred character to use for the apostrophe, rather than '. –  Bennett McElwee Jul 4 ’13 at 1:55” –stackoverflow


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