Day 4: How to Stay Sunny and Sane in a state of Hospitalization

Today I had a micro manic attack and utilized techniques I learned in my program. I am guessing things actually do work out. Even if it’s a little tedious.

I will learn not to complain and learn how to love the bomb. It has been one of the hardest things in my life to stay awake these past couple of days. I’m not sure how long I will last in the program, but I’d like to show up tomorrow. Hopefully, everyday will be like that.

I realized that blogging about everyday is manic behavior and it needs to stop. My need to express myself does not outweigh the human dignity of private health care information. I will go dark on this subject for now and for a longer time.

As a communications major, I’ve been consumed by my communication, primarily broadcasting. It’s been too much and I’ve been demonstrating my ignorance and inconsideration by continuing and converting this blog that I hold so dear into a tainted hospital microphone.

I’m ready to get back to graphic design not change my life to fit my illness. I hope to have the courage to find my way back into graphic design but for now, I just want to get healthy and manage my medication dosages so that I can live the life I know I deserve. Signing off from the health front. Please find what information you hold dear and secret and keep it close to you but far from others. They don’t need to worry about you unnecessarily. You’re not dying, I’m not dying. Not now. This is why Facebook is a walled garden. It’s about the best and funnest activities we are up to, not the dark gritty innards that should be left to a private storage for a conversation with your doctor and your doctor alone.


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