Day 2 (harder than day one , but it’s going to be like that until half way through)

Day 2 of my treatment was a doozy. Essentially, my new phsychiatrist on staff is a fair but deadly opponent (not really deadly but stern). He was offering no relief except that I can take my Abilify anytime I want (but it should be regularly.) So tongiht I’m going to have Abilify at night and see how that helps.

The inmates and I are beginning to warm up to each other. It’s difficult being female in a room of males. The social workers are female too, but I can’t really relate to their brand of femininity. I’m at my wits end with group “discussions” and anger management exercises. I can’t believe I have to go back (but I will.) I did learn some coping strategies and fancy ways to tell people respectfully behaviour changes I would like to see.

Formula… I feel blank when you blank because blank. Would you be willing to blank? I am making a lot of judgements about my treatment in this post. In discussion they said not to quit any prescription drug “cold turkey” because the body is a delicate system. I asked then why ask us to quit Street Drugs cold turkey. To that, they were like, good question…. uhhh….errr… ooh … um… This place is full of logistical holes it’s going to give me those icky Stepford nightmares. I know they are trying their hardest and maybe that’s the problem.

My new psychiatrist also told me that my blurred vision shouldn’t be a thing from Abilify so I’m a little panicked. I’ve been feeling nappy all day.


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  1. It doesn’t sound like your psych is an adversary. He’s advising you take meds but not dictating that you have to do so. People want to help you because you deserve it, not because they’re trying to change you for their benefit. Switch from defense to offense and try to use them as a resource to make you a better version of you.

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