Words of Advice from The Goblin Juggler

When I’m struggling, I try to figure out what is indespensible in my life

I focus on figuring out what the things I absolutely need are and then I set my mind to taking care of those things

For me, I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions over the last few years about what to put energy into. A lot of the time, I hate the conclusions I’ve made, but I think they’ve been right as it’s allowed me to be what I need to be at the time

I think other than that, I believe that life should always be as fun as it possibly can be, but sometimes we have to make decisions to do not fun things to make it fun

For me, that was learning to take care of my chores efficiently. I hate cleaning, but doing it daily made me so much happier

I guess the last thing I’d say is this, make sure you appreciate every day for what it is. And make sure you remember to be thankful for the people and things that make you happy.


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