My Day in Redwood City– loop 1

As a “manic” person, I am terrible with money. Today, my ally and I went shopping to get “essentials” for the new home.

We went to Back Yard Coffee, Bed Bath and Beyond, Tacos de Gamelos, Costco, Target, and El Marcadito Latino. I called several people, including a man who returned my call. I am going to see a psychiatrist about cleaning up my “permanent record.” I will report back. Hopefully, I was just mistreated and misdiagnosed and he’ll recognize that I am healthy for my age and I should just drink more water. I am very pleased with our day.

Follow me on instagram for the latest and greatest. I’m learning how my ally functions as well. We are both sleep deprived humans.

I organized some boxes and cleaned out the living room and ordered some nice nomadic furniture so when we move, it won’t be such a pain.

I have to admit, I enjoy wearing the same clothes and eating the same food if it means I don’t have to think as much as I do. Peace of mind is on its way.

You Only Live Once with a budget of $270.

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