Exercise: Five Random Quotes from Books

It’s as easy as it sounds… go to your bookshelf and pick five books (easy, don’t over think it).

List them.

List five quotes. Whatever your eye goes towards.


List 1:

Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell
Elements of Style (illustrated) by Strunk, White, Kalman
What Customers Want by Anthony W. Ulwick
The Amazing STory of Quantum Mechanics by James Kakalios
America: A Citeixen’s Guide to Demacracy InacTion by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

List 2

“So he made (and checked twice) a Hug To-Do List.”
“Enclose parenthetic expressions between commas.”
“How Has the Practice of Segmentation Evolved?”
“Nothing doing- you can watch this chain reaction from out front where the people are!” (A quote in a quote– dagwood comic strip in the book)
“Post-Presidency: Golf!”




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