Learning Moments: We Define Respect


(I use “I” and “You” interchangably, so please don’t get offended. I’m never talking about “you you” just the proverbial you, and the proverbial “we”.)

Why we can’t have nice things… I am a democratic creature at the moment. I don’t care about expensive baubles. But, my elders still give them to me as gifts, and I accept them, because the only thing to do with gifts is to accept them. That’s the polite thing in any case.

Being polite in this society will make you a zombie at best and a sick duckling at worst. It’s important to find your own sweet spot of rebellion. That’s where “essence” exists. The strong choices are sometimes the hard choices. I have to give up the concept of jewelry because I can’t treat things with the respect that they deserve.

I have to give up some people because I wasn’t treating them with the respect that they deserve (and people have given me up and I have to accept that they couldn’t respect me in a way they thought I deserved). Respect became a nonsense word when Arethea Franklin sang it. I knew it as a silly song and not as a concept to be revered.

Find out how to show respect in your own way and how to give it freely. Respect is like love. It means different things to different people. Most people want you to respect them before knowing anything about them. This is the hardest of them all. You have to respect even some pretty unrespectable people. People that haven’t treated you with respect for various reasons are you have to fight the instinct to retaliate.

I identify as a nonagon. I am nine things. I switch through them so rapidly it seems that I am just brilliant, but I can be a dullard about normal things. And I can be a excitable pony about some things… I think there’s a plural resting inside of all of us “multi-taskers” and I want psychology to reflect the new generation of multiples…

That’s why transgender is our greatest new zeitgeist. And what’s coming is the rise of mind/body rights. The disconnect between our minds and bodies is so strong we have an epidemic of obesity. There’s only a few treating obesity with mind exercises. It’s important to acknowledge this connection.

My mom told me that people will judge me on how I look. I never took her seriously because I’ve always identified myself as a weirdo. So, I took pride in her confusion when I said, “do they have to?” I didn’t verbally say this, but I mean to challenge authority in my own way using less words and more actions.

I am ready to face demons if I dress appropriately. It means I have to care about my clothes the right way, but also treat them as disposable if I want to be streamline for the move (I’m moving soon). I’m ready to be the mind/body oracle. Ask me about how we should treat the mentally ill and it’s more than pills, but pills too. It’s a mind/body regimen that I have to make and abide by. I will be taking the pills, but I will be fighting to get off of them one day when I am strong enough.

I am not strong enough right now, but I am making real progress into the insights of my own black box mind.


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