Valentine’s House


Today is Valentines Day. I made this painting to remind myself there’s a room, there’s a house, there’s a world within.

My heart for romantic and friendship love feels like mountain where ideas of people can live with a beautiful view of the multiple suns setting withthin their own event horizons, a multitude of anti-black house. These novas, cycling in their brightness, keeps this world happy and bright despite outside inputs.

My mom asked me if I knew the difference between reality and “euphoria-inducing mania” and I told her that I love in a way that is hard for me express because I have to communicate that there’s a time and place where we could be together for ever and it’s cultivated by my mania. I feel it in my heart as it’s racing. It’s everyone I’ve ever cared about having a party and I’m not only invited, I’m the host. Would you ask me to give that up for a world that is run by the adage “time is money” and no one seems to have either. So, this is my little glass house on top of a pink-grassed hill. It’s empty and transparent. If I give into Reality, I give into the notion that I didn’t have enough of something. I’d rather live in a pink-hilled world where I could feel love around me, swirling brightly and dreamily.

I am a waterfall precaution. It’s heartbreaking coming back to reality. To a world where people are busy with making money and not making time. It makes me feel like I have my priorities backwards. As an artist, I have been giving myself permission to waste time and start to feel things, how they ache but not in the worst way. I’ve seen the worst way and it’s more than just a party where no one shows up. I’m done crying about it, and I know a walk will do me some good.

When you feel like you have no one, remember that there’s an empty glass house at the top of a pink hill that is waiting for you.


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