How to treat Insomnia

Preface: I am bordering being nocturnal and being a polyphasic sleeper ( I asked my friends what they do for sleep. I have spent 11 days in the Ward and it’s not easy to sleep in a hospital. All of those feelings of paranoia become heightened because 1) they are definitely watching me and 2) they are definitely takling about me behind my back and Lastly, there is no end in sight until I’m out the door. Waiting for an indeterminate time is a big weakess to the Katarina Creature.

Here’s some things I wanted to share to fellow Insomniacs.goodmorn

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Many factors beyond your control contribute to midnight wakefulness:
    1. the timing of exercise
    2. screen time
    3. personal current events
    4. lack of comfort
    5. apnea
    6. dreams/nightmares
    7. unaddressed childhood trauma
    8. fear of stufff
    9. lack of lullabies
    10. dry mouth.
  2. Set a timer for an hour in a half (in your mind, don’t actually do it, just think, I’m going to try sleep again in an hour and a half.
  3. Consider trouble shooting your sleeping arrangement.
  4. IT’s good to have access to social media and chat up a person or two to pass the time. (A journal is better, writing letters  is something that I want to do with my new-found insomnia.)
  5. Try a sleep ritual. (I will make one called the Sandman Menu, later)
  6. Therapy is best because it’s someone who can listen when others won’t. Massage therapy, same thing.
  7. When you feel the sleep creep back, go to the bed to catch it.
  8. Wash/decorate a part of your body.
  9. Consider watching some soothing a ASMR video 
  10. Draw or write a tiny something for someone you love (or yourself!
  11. Enjoy a scented candle.
For the meticulous overacheiver:

Instructions best print this text out and give each a shot. Highlight the ones that work, add new ones you hear about from friends and cross  out the ones you've tried and it didn't work for you.

You deserve to sleep. Better sleep is better life outlook.


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