Transmission from the Ward 2

Letters from the divide (aka, yellow beach, aka psych ward),

An Offer of good advice: The best lozenge in town. Look at link and trust us.

Long link. Trying to adjust to a new terminal. I will have to post the focus card for this blog post. There’s no images I can provide at this time.

The meat:

Pain= spinal cord Injury.

Now where was I…

In group today, I learned a lot of things. My index card is filled to the brim. I just wanted to learn at least these things while I am here. Most important being Californian geography within the context of beautiful souls nearby.

Lesson 1: Be Present.

It’s not enough to pay attention with your hands, the goal is to look up more than every once in a while to show that you are engaged and listening. (I’ve been obsessed with learning about myself that I forgot to learn about others.)

Moodlighting= eye contact if you’re the audience or if you’re the speaker. Eye contact is a way of saying my world is your world is my world, etc.

It never hurts to try the complex handshake when it’s offered. Measure your synchroncity at least.

Today, I am Practice Kat. I will practice the active listening technique as much as possible. Locking eyes is the simplest of the complex handshakes that human beings are capable of, primarily because we stare at screens so much that our eyes are tired, so focus of the eyes, is the song of the vision sense.

freaky as hell– listen to people with your eyes and ears, eyes and ears, I’s and hears. (a little word jazz helps ease my tension)

There’s definitely a spirit at the ward which is giving us all good friendly vibes (unless you’re paranoid, in that case, all vibes are freaky as hell).

freaky as hell vs. friendly vibe- ebiv- roy g biv- rainbow-freaky hell plus friendly vibe

I’ve learned how to make my pretty brain work for me instead of against me and the learning curve is long, but manageable. I will find a way to stop negotiating with my body and give into what it wants… what it needs… but not here in this beige-wall place.


Respect, self and others, completely without conditions. This is hard for me because I consider myself a critical theorist. I need to create a journey map and wish myself well because it’s half of the whole equation.

what is the equation you’re working on?

Mental pain is hard to diagnose. It’s not a disease, it’s a tendency. I tend to talk a lot, I tend to think a lot, but it doesn’t have it’s hold on me. I have a strength within and without and foci of these strengths will allow a unique stability that plurals rarely allow themselves.

mental strength mental strength mental strength 

I’m still on my 999 program. Which is easy to remember because of Herman Cain, the Hurricane. He is a charismatic soul and I appreciate his goofy voice telling me to eat my meds (zyprexa in case you’re wondering and 9am, 9pm and nein in between, in case you’re wondering…)


Questions to ask yourself every morning:

What is my name?

What are my goals?

 What am I looking forward to?

What am I going to excel at today?

What do I need?

What is my name?  Practice Kat

What are my goals? Practice Active listening and finish that Rilke Book (

What am I looking forward to? I’m looking forward to learning about how I can be a better listener, accept gifts, give clear and important gifts to others.

Important and clear

What am I going to excel at today? I am going to excel at sleep today. I know I really need it and I’ve been really happy to take time for my online journal. Bon jour! Always day.

A songbird needs a clean whistle. Reasons for self-care routine. Like my mom says, “drink more water!”

What do I need? I totes need that breath lozenge stuff and Biotin because a songbird needs a clean whistle. Not that my mouth is a dingey hole of disgust, but being here has given me new perspective on my body-mind, connection/disconnection. I am looking forward to structuring my day around something other than an hour of Occupational Therapy and regular meals during the day. I can’t be nocturnal here, but I think I might want to try. I love the stillness of the night. There, I can breath and hear freshness all around me. The energy of dreamers. The sweetest fragrance to my soul.

Love and Creativity,


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