We are Animals that we don’t know

Because, I love them. Because they are beautiful. Because they helped me when no one else would and now I want them to help others but they don’t trust me
I need the power of art to lure people to my world and then show them my understanding of them is real and infinite and the world we create together is real and infinite and we can play together. Inception meets Edge of Tomorrow.
Every day is the dreamiest game and it’s through others we can validate whole worlds and it doesn’t matter if they are real if they are helpful to getting something more out of life.

That seems to be the idea behind improv
Yes. But it’s temporary. I’m talking permanent improv.
Where we can wear our characters longer.
I loved that guy you were in good bad worst.
I think someone loved Pierre Escargot. He was the first that has a real name.
The french painter cubist I could never be. I want to write his song because he can’t.

You are asking me the questions I can’t ask myself.
Our understanding is subjective, but sharing requires a bit of objectivity. What then?
I want to bridge the introvert and the extrovert and that’s what the duo does. It creates a safe environment where the weird reigns.
Physical love is hard because we hope for the best when we judge on appearances.
Mental love is hard because physical chemistry is important and sometimes impossible.
Polyamoury is one way of addressing that we are faceted beings with different magnets that push and pull us towards and away.
I don’t want to fight the tides of my soul, I want to document them and bring them to light so I can swim.
I don’t want to be the only one swimming because it’s no fun. I want to share the xperience of using improv to create real characters. that make so much sense they get developed in the same timescale so they can play together.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention. My needs have been met for so long it’s time to think “wants.” My wants are so long I’m following the tail hoping to find the animal.


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