String: The Power of Focus (longform)


Magic Words or The Power of Focus
“The way I see it is that…”

“What can I do?”
“Would you like to share an experience?”
“Also, I’d like to work on your theory.”
“Long form is…” <– shape to context (and other constraints)
“Do you have energy, time and focus for ______ right now?”

String ideas: Yellow Words, 80/20, Jazz situation, Subjective Logic, Beautiful Nothings,

Equation: permission + others +patience + focus + time = magic words

I’m not needy. I’m what I want. I need to be we.

I look without asking. I take without asking.
Now, I must give without asking.

How to give if I expect you?
How to give freely
no expectations

Silence functions as signal/noise in conversation which is dangerous. That’s exciting.
Silence is the complex handshake of the introvert.
What’s left?
What’s not asking?
Something half-formed, a mystery, a compelling mystery
a half-myth that makes you curious without guidance.

Gods formed in dark randomness. They said meaning was true and then there was light.
When thoughts were powerful and time was invented. Limits were created.

Beauty, terror and calm worked together. One focused on love, one on people and the other just mitigated.

Calm worked the hardest because Terror and Beauty did not agree. Calm became Rage.

Who then was mitigating? Rage enjoying playing both teams. Rage begot Play. Play was feisty.

Rage became old and died. Play was mean sometimes. Play was hurting people. Play begot Guilt.

Years later Culture was born and then Cultural appropriation was born. Take and Give. Permission

Then, No. No one liked No. Mostly because the duo No and Time made everyone scared. But Focus and then finally Strength.

The Other was the last of them and the most mysterious of them. A permenant “To be continued.”

Antidote and Catalyst were good friends. They mitigated Risk. Risk and Play were best friends.

Experiment followed and Hypothesis. True and Nebulous. They wondered what Consent looked like.

They live in a different town.Journal and Art scampered. Flow Learning Loops Insight We Plural Infinity and then the last one out. Sort. Hope, Nebulous and Long.

Art and Theory are best buds. Value is a funny one.

Ownership and Value did not get along. Cool and Other became close. Dangerously so.

All of them had a meeting.This meeting where they all sat a panel. They invented Yellow.

It was the first and most interesting group child. This one was prolific.

They all needed a home. They wanted to live in a place without limits. A Town Without a Name.

Jazz introduced Noise, Signal, Random, Silence and then finally Secret.

Prolific vs meaningful. Why are they in the same area?

Questions make a person curious without Guidance.

Guidance implies needs, I’m just talking wants. I want more resources, so I decided to throw a story party. I will start alone, to get the format. Then I will have them all join in.

I’m a “We” if I count time travel. Looping. I’m astigmatic.
That means that I can’t see your face until I get up close, but not too close.

Shout what you think is happening if you know for sure. Or at least 95%.
People love confidence.

Balls up.

I love everyone because
I love myself
and I’m infinite
if I can learn quickly enough.

Loops. Edge of Tomorrow.
Why he can be a badass.
Death is not a problem.
The time limit is vaporized.

How to Consolidate.

Balls down.

Your meme family
and your gene family.
Handles with numbers allow plurals to express themselves simple.

New/Old Names.

Kat-15 is this year’s name.
KAT is the name of my home and that’s where we live.

How can we manage mental strength publicly without being diagnosed?

Diagnosis is a limit.

Everyone can add numbers to their functional family name and those numbers give us focus because I didn’t think it was helpful to name of the ideas I had, but I wanted people to know that I’m interested in the long form social performance to get somewhere deep.

Name tags= people are new/old
change name= change nature

Comfort=Security Blanket=Talent=Value

I add the value to the proposition because I bring my home with my. My home is my ancient knowledge.

(drawing idea: intersection of our visual intelligence)


Know Thyself=Fun by Yourself

home anywhere=comfort anywhere
context anywhere = comfort
bring your favorites with you
home with you = simple magic = power
making people comfortable with you= complex magic


Art is a way of asking people to be at home with you in a non confrontational way.

non-confrontational way= no expectations = no threat= no judgement
god=infinite judgement
infinite judgement=infinite power
-judgement                 -judgement
zero                                zero meaning
power without meaning = freedom
+time                              +time

+more time
altered state of affairs=story party

It has to be.

The Power of the Duo



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