Wordplay as Truth

He doesn’t believe me. He’s my proof. He is logical. I am superlogical. I take things to their logical conclusions based on faulty data. Because people don’t believe me they retain their sanity. That’s good. Some mystical robots will believe me, that’s sane for them. Relativism has a place in society because it has to for the sake of problem solving as a mass set of cultures. I am the microscope/kaleidescope. I reflect things until you see something interesting in the places where to seemingly similar things meet. This is value proposition. Assigning numbers helps mitigate ambiguity. As an artist, I mitigate ambiguity.

I have to be extremely open about the process because as a paralell processor, I will show things that are dangerous if true and meaningless if false. In that in between lies new meaning we can all agree on and we can move our constructs over to create a new culture that makes people happy.

Polyamoury is a classic value proposition that is a construct that works for people. It’s about making it work for people that have to make it work.


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