The One-Minute Introduction (1 min project)

intro 001

I’m getting together a list of assignments that turn into 1-minute of something to show. It’s less overwhelming than trying to get “songs” together.

In a world where everyone is a photographer and an autobiographer (at least and I can tell because I’m on FB), we have plenty to show each other. Stuff we’ve made, overheard, thought about… it could be anything. I want to create a variety show where every minute something new is happening. Let’s get started. Most of these will start out as writing assignments.

First writing assignment: create the 1 minute or less verbal introduction for yourself. Include a sentence at the beginning that reads “I am [insert-name-here], I go by [blank] and I consider myself to be a [blank].” Include likes, dislikes (please list all of the food you would pick out of a homemade dinner<-this is important to me, but I might be the only one.), a hobby that you love, a hobby that could one day make you money and a hobby that makes you get outside the house. something about the past, present and future and what you will do tomorrow. The goal is to create an elevator pitch that describes who you might be to a team.

Try not to think of it as selling yourself. Just be honest. I think the only thing that really turns people off is the idea that they are being sold.

Average time it takes to complete the assignment: 10 min.

 Bonus Points: If you send it to me.
 Social Media Points: post the link to twitter #katsminuteproject

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