New Process, Using Time to Distill (FMBP)

IMG_8461[1]I’m starting a new chapter of creative process and it’s characterized by the FMBP (Five Minute Blog Post)

Hypothesis: five minutes of focused reflection fuels motivation.
Methodology: blog posts
Parameters: aim for just five minutes, if you go over, that’s fine (that’s good actually, it means you want to document something which is a good instinct generally)


start time: 11:25am
end time: 11:30am
idea skeleton:

How can the experimenter test on herself? I am not sure. My favorite scientist and most intense sounding board is someone that is a big skeptic. When I presented this test, he said that he couldn’t complete the thought because it was self-referential in such a loop. Meta and in it and the same time. I thought that was a good enough of an accomplishment.
summarize what I did: Measure what 5 minutes can do for my blogging endeavors.
summarize what I’m going to do next: Continue testing.


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