New Format: the Five Minute Blog Post


I went to post something on my blog and saw these stats and was a little surprised. Shall I extrapolate an increase by tomorrow? What if I post something new?

I have five minutes to write and 1 minute to find a picture that I own.

I have to summarize (read: can’t list everything without my time running out) what I did today (1) and what I’ll start on tomorrow (read: actionable I can get started immediately) (2) so I can keep a little of the momentum I have going on.

1. Created Book of Hypotheses method to make all good ideas actionable. A big problem that I was having was that I felt I was thinking a lot of “truths” without validating them in any way whatsoever. Who says I need to keep my experiments a secret?

[{ <– will be the official emoticon for all things BOH related. (BOH=Book of Hypotheses)

2. Type up the notes from today’s session. #futureyouwillknowwhatyoumean #vaguedetails allow UX stories to be told in real time without getting NDAs involved. Non-disclosure agreement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. #hyperlinksarebonuspointsandimkeepingtrackhere  [{ hyperlinktotalpoints1


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