Blog Post template blank (FMBP)


Hypothesis: By requiring a picture for every blog post I can challenge my creativity.
Methodology: blog post pics
Parameters: none if you don’t need it, if you do, how about 1280px by 800px

start time: 1:35pm
end time: 1:51pm

idea skeleton:

I couldn’t make a blank one without explaining my new hypothesis which is making “blank ones” isn’t easy when you want to come up with a fun placeholder image. But, this will serve as a template until I get tired of it, so that’s good. I think.

Created during FMBP session: Funky gif at Free Online Animated GIF Maker – Make A GIF Easily. I used it because it was faster than figuring it out and that’s always been my process.

I used a christmas card design I had in the most recent scans pile and layers of gradient, mouse-drawn-text and blending modes to create something that would change colors in unexpected ways, making the image pop and the process transparent.


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