Patreon: Testing the Waters

Patreon: Support the creators you love. Before publicizing my new account with Patreon, perhaps, my one big opportunity to get funding for what I do, I am doing a “soft launch.” I’ve made the account and the first video (My Patreon Video – YouTube.) where I make my case to be supported in this way.

“I sy, why not try? You can hardly lose. You might find some people who really care and love to see art happening. You might add where you think the art will end up, like galleries, shows, happenings, online, etc. so people can look for results. You might also keep a blog to report back to them every couple of weeks. They become your interest group and patrons.”

-Tom, former graphic design teacher

“It’s very overwhelming. Both from the visual and auditory perspective. I’m left not sure what I watched exactly. The other people speaking in the background particularly threw me. The visuals felt a little bit easier to digest than the audio, although still somewhat ephemeral. I guess the question is what you want to accomplish with the video. Perhaps those feelings are what you want?

That being said, it may do exactly that for some people. On a technical level, I’d recommend getting some additional patreon goals set up now, particularly for individuals.
I would offer both 5-10 dollar rewards as well as 50-100 dollar rewards with a ridiculous reward of like… a session at the Kat media lab creating media. I think that you want to harness the full power of Patreon to allow people to take part at the level that is good for them. The video… I’m not sure how to feel about it. It’s extremely challenging, but that’s not bad in art of any kind. I definitely had a hard time staying focused on any one piece of it, so it did feel a bit like floating through a different dimension with lots of stimuli from lots of different directions.” -Jon, juggler who runs a tutorial youtube channel
“it’s really short and I think you’d benefit from writing a more cohesive statement about what inspires you and why exactly you would need the money for besides rent/food. I need to try to remember if I know anyone with Patreon accounts that might be able to give pointers. perhaps show more example of art as well?” -Sofi, photographer
Support Katarina creating Sound Collages and art. Here’s the link to the profile.

I think I’m going to go into the next draft with more rational appeal. I agree with what everyone, that this is an important and measured step for my development and as much as I want them to have a taste of what I am most interested in producing, I shouldn’t let that take over what the message is. The message being that I am an artist with plans, goals, achievable with time and money. All of which are measurable and reasonable. I agree with Tom, that I could make the process a bit more transparent with blogging so that my patrons are seeing behind the curtain that Art seems to try so hard to keep shut. I’m excited because I’ve always felt this sense of being an architect, a planner, someone that organizes thoughts and files it away for later. I am looking forward to sharing these files, metabolizing them into something precious. I saved it. Not all but a lot. My past is my future though however remixed/mashed/hashed. I am looking forward to seeing the person that will make these things.

I think about how I have changed and gained confidence with my work and it’s helpful for me to conceptualize myself as a shamaness because it gives me a sense of history and scrying. I am combining what could be perceived as insanity and journalistic approaches to create a hybrid of media that makes a little sense, but also has a bit of mystery. Is that my elevator pitch? I am not sure. I’m working to give words to something that has been really intuitive for me. Surprisingly, the words are coming out. With time and support, I think that the narrative will grow stronger.

 My dad saw this blog post on LinkedIn and wanted to weigh in… Sweet.
I thought the video was unusually compelling, original, creative, and well executed. I just do not understand why you are not a “discovered” and well compensated graphic artist and videographer. Love, Dad

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