A Call for Christmas Commissions from Katarina


link to sweet video A Call for Christmas Commissions from Katarina – YouTube.

Need a hand-written Christmas card? How about a set of them with a demented R2-D2 (from Star Wars) motif? Does your mom need a portrait of her dog and not know how to ask for it?

For very reasonable prices (depending on complexity and materials), I am offering commissions where you approach me with a fun idea to draw, paint, video collage, interpretive dance, mix-CD, what have you and we make it happen for your gift-giving event.

What I am most excited to do is a set of custom hand-drawn-watercolor greeting cards. I have been making my family Holiday cards yearly and to make them for other families seems really special and the next big leap in acheiving my dreams (which is making people feel special).  These cards measure 5″ × 6-7/8″(127 mm × 175 mm). Each package includes matching envelopes. Quick turn around. Order today and I’ll get started immediately and have them in the mail tomorrow! Set of 5 for $20 and a set of 10 for $28.

link to item at the online shop: Katarina Countiss Multimedia — Custom Card Sets.

Stay warm and drive safe.

I will be having other product/offerings soon. Find me through TWITTER, FACEBOOK, 


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