Video: Technology, Uh… Sort Of

ASMR: Technology, Uh… Sort Of By Prismatic Ventricles – YouTube.

This was a mix of a lot of talking. This was a mix of most of my videos in quick succession. Some sped up. Pretty disorienting. No flow. I do like ambient laughter of children. There’s some of that. It might be a great demo reel of my video editing inclinations if the audio was a little more polished.

This was before I switched from longform (20 minutes) to something under ten minutes. I can imagine someone getting a little impatient when there’s no story to follow. Great for an installation in a gallery setting, maybe?

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: An event in Town Hall. A slice of kaleidescopic pie. Layers of searching for more sound.


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