Video: Sunday Morning, Wake Up

wakeup2ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Present Sunday Morning, Wake Up – YouTube.

I spent the afternoon with Melanie. We went to Seattle Center for the CroatiaFest. There’s always a multicultural turn out at Seattle Center on a nice day. Children are adorable as well. I am not sure about the ethical considerations of recording sounds without permission. I consider it like taking tourist photos. People happen to get into the shot and there they are. Beautiful voices of beautiful strangers.

There’s also some fascinating architecture there. I enjoyed the fountains and covered walkways very much. The kaleidescopic video is strangely haunting. The way that the sheet of reflected videos slowly rotates to reveal that there’s more like an endless plain of video is very intriguing, but I think the center inset stole the show with its feathered edges and its scale pulsing, getting a little bigger then a little smaller, like some kind of alien morse code.

Youtube commenters:

“Wow! I haven’t seen one of your vids in a while… This i really cool ! I feel like I just had the experience of meditating as an extraterrestrial being lol. Loved the darkness moment! The breaks/pauses really enhance the high energy parts :)
Great job- I can’t believe you don’t have a million followers! ”

“Love this one Kat, it’s kind of eerie and perfect for a  walk through the cemetery!
Is Halloween in your mind?”

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: walking around Seattle Center and going to the Croatian Fest at Seattle Center where Ženska Klapa Ruzmarin was playing. I got a few snippets of their wonderful harmonies and essentially pulled it apart until it was the haunting tones in this video, Melanie and I also found a bell to yell in and water fountains gurgling.


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