Video: Two Dances

chefkatASMR: Blossom Creature and Chef Cat’s Forks and Prismatic Ventricles Present Two Dances – YouTube.

I was inspired to create masks when I saw the promotional material for Beats Antique’s Creature Carnival. I noted the symmetry of the masks and thought, well, that’s definitely in my scope of capability. At this point, I’ve been reflecting images for so long that when I see symmetry in media, it’s for me. I can do that.

I painted the masks to scale with acrylic paint and a chinese calligraphic paintbrush on newsprint then scanned it and reflected it in Photoshop, printed the mask, glued it on some scratch watercolor paper I had lying around. Then, cut it out and attached some string and voila! Unique mask for something like a couple of dollars. Durable, yet disposable.

These masks inspired the Two Dances. Melanie and I filmed each other dancing in the lab. I drew strength from my improv classes and did the live voice over, giving the dances some context and texture. I enjoy the storytelling aspect, creating myth and legend. Melanie Blossom is a sweet dancer and then I come in and Melanie in her skilled translation of my behavior/fashion.

The mask, the pillowcase, the scarves, the forks, deemed me Chef Kat. And well, there’s a whole character in there and I was happy to elaborate on some fork dance moves and then using the binaural microphone to create a surround sound experience of forks. Most people will never hear forks grinding against each other around their head, but you are lucky to have Chef Kat to help you out with that.

The collage overlay: I discovered visual feedback loops spiral depending on the angle of the camera. The effect is a cosmic fern that unfurls and refurls and it’s mezmerizing. Try it at home when you have a chance. So that’s one piece. The other is my field trip to a garden fountain showroom. Architecture and water texture are my two favorite things to kaleidescope, so this video is one of my favorite things to look at.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: the clanking of forks, voice over, slowed down piano and some other clicking,


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