Video: Lovely Human Being


ASMR: Lovely Human Being – YouTube.

A walk through the cemetary on the way home. I was pleased with all the little features of this place. Several water fountains and sweet tree groves. Architecture in the kaleidescope is really effective.

That night, my housemate (and muse) Melanie was feeling a little sad. I channeled that into some sweet and perhaps too intimate words of soothing. I find that when I speak from the heart, there’s no pause to find the words. It’s like I’m just reading what’s already written.

I really enjoyed the end of the video where there’s a pool of water that the point of view turns to as if the flourish at the end of a beautiful name.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: Soft spoken words, clarinet, and whispered gibberish


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