Video: Candles and a Haircut

hair-cutASMR: Candles and a Haircut [binaural] – YouTube.


Before and after. I should have documented this better. I love my hair. In all its phases. I really want to do a documentary on it. Hair’s really weird because it’s this dead thing that grows out of you and immediately becomes fashion’s plaything. Ever since the blond thing and even a little before that (it was a notable amount of black curls dominating my presence– see below for reference), it was remarkable. People feel like they can approach me and say things about my hair which is cool, but also really weird. I’m not used to that kind of attention. I like the way it looks and that’s my reason for doing the things that I do to my hair, but it’s interesting when others want to weigh in on it.

Hair of Summer 2013

I was at a party the other day and saw a woman with similar hair coloring (shoulder length, bleached-platinum blonde) but it was already growing out. I saw that it looked like some black fell on her otherwise platinum head. I didn’t want my growing roots to make my hair look like an accident, so I tried to even the score (black vs. bleach blonde). This is my first time trying to record myself giving myself a haircut (should have used the front facing camera). I was definitely guessing where I was in the frame.

Anyways, a post, mostly about my hair. It’s very soft. I welcome any of my friends and acquaintances to pet it, if they’d like. Ask first, or gesture

The above picture was grabbed from a video project I did a couple days after the hair cut. I have to say I really like this length. Later that weekend, I went to a haircutting professional and had it evened out. Imperfections became too distracting whenever I looked in the mirror. I’d like to note that there was a sweet lock of hair keeping the nape of my neck warm that I would like to make sure finds its way back.



The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: layers of poetry, talk of neuroscience, box tapping and a brook somewhere in there. A few tracks are slowed down, creating a weird otherwise unidentifiable noise.


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