Video: The First Woodwinds Show

wood-windsASMR: The First Woodwinds Show [binaural] – YouTube.

I put on my handpainted dress and painted my face in a matching branch motif and recorded myself playing a Woodwinds Show. As the title promises, it’s the first of many, hopefully. I am planning on getting more collaborators in the media lab. So, if you play an instrument (woodwinds preferred, but I’m not judging) please let me know and we can jam. When I play music I just like getting notes out. It’s like drawing for me. There is a sense of being inspired by what I put down, so each thing is informed by what came before it, but I don’t restrain myself. There are no keys, no modes, nothing that my high school music composition teacher could be proud of, but I’m playing music, so I am happy for that. It’s the first time I’ve recorded myself playing the clarinet and the first time this year of playing it. It’s a beautiful wooden clarinet that I will be playing more often. If you have a classy dinner party and you want live music, let me know… It will be improvisational experimental jazz.

I love the kaleidescope effect here with my paintings in the background and my microphone in the foreground. The media lab is my favorite place to take self portraits because I feel that this environment so completely reflects (and completes) me.

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: I’m playing a few flutes and a clarinet and it’s overlaid on itself


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