The Language of Digital Content, a talk at SIC 2014


I attended the Seattle Interactive Conference the last two days. The second session I went to was “The Language of Digital Content: Why Mobile and Video are Changing the Conversation.”

Anne Gherini (@AnnieG) of StumbleUpon was a great follow up to The Revolution Of TV Online. She discussed different formats of Digital Content and highlighted the creativity of some upcoming technologists (What Is A Technologist?) and I’ll just briefly link to them at some point below.

She talked about how social media platforms are like renting. You are a slave to Facebook’s algorithms. (How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed? | Technology | The Guardian.) So, consider owning by directing your users to your website where you can put on better analytics (for data) and control the presentation of your content (your designers will love you for it).

With Mobile and in general, digital media, it’s important to choose the right brand ambassador who will speak to your niche audience. Internet engagement comes in all varieties (here’s where I link to commerically successful creative new media artists)

anthony spears @LOHANTHONY | Engaging through tweets. Consistency, authenticity, energy? What makes this figure so compelling? Look at how many followers (real followers, he has!)

Meagan Cignoli @MeaganCignoli This is her twitter summary “I create videos for the world’s leading brands, largely on Vine and Instagram. Cannes Lion winner, named Digital Entrepreneur of the Year.” Engaging through stop-motion creativity using social media platforms to tell branded stories. Nicely done.

@Shonduras Uses handdrawn overlays on snapchat photo shares to create a timely, creative, relevant and playful story which earned him some Disney dollars. For more, see Snaps To Riches: The Rise Of Snapchat Celebrities.

Takeaways:  creatively engage your audience on social media, pay attention to upcoming media generators (read: social media with a formatting tools, stuff like vine and instagram)


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