Video: Introduction from KAT Media Lab to the World

media-labASMR: Introduction from KAT Media Lab to the World – YouTube.

Man, I love those wild light blonde locks. I am obsessed with my hair, excuse me.

I’m in love with my media lab. I made this video after getting settled in a little bit. There are still boxes that need unpacked. I am playing around with the Kaleidescopic effect. A great trick when you are filming by yourself and use the front facing camera which has less resolution, but you can watch yourself as you’re filming yourself, which is nice…

I’m wearing christmas lights in this video which I think helps orient the viewer slightly in something that is way too kaleidescopic to be visually informative. I have so much fun.

I’m interested in having seasonal check-ins with myself through the art of video. I like the idea of capturing a moment where I’m telling everyone and no one about something I’m excited about and happy to share. I spent 10 months prior to this lab sharing a small bedroom in an apartment also shared by someone else, so not really having my own space. I was suffering emotionally/artistically/productively from this. Makerhaus was a great escape until they closed their doors. Since moving in to this house with the lab attached to it, I’ve felt a balance/fusion of work and play, living spaces, working spaces and I’m feeling like I’m coming into my own. What it means for me to have a place to leave out my paints, dry my canvases, record my videos and strange whisperings, is beyond words, except for one: Home.


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