Video: Echo and Slick Walk for a While

echo-and-slickASMR: Echo and Slick Walk for a While [binaural] – YouTube.

Echo and I take a walk to the University District from Capitol Hill and we chat and muse along the way. Some singing and joking and something about a nose rave. We have a great time laughing together as the cars go by. I play with some collage work of the footage.

These longform recordings are fun. We begin to muse about the audience, start talking to them and being silly is half the fun. The process of making these recordings is fun and casual and the results are lovely, random things.

“Michael Et Cetera”
“Better than SlimJims.”
“That’s very sweet and slightly disturbing at the same time. You’re so good at that.”

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: talking for a while on a busy street after a concert overlaid onto itself so that it fills out in some chaotic stream of conversation collage


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