Video: Poems about Shapes and Identity

ASMR: Poems about Shapes and Identity – YouTube

After that session with Ladybot bravely writing and then recording a poem she wrote, I decided that writing things down might be a good idea. I was in a Portland coffee shop when I wrote these poems designed for recording and rearrangement. Parts where I repeat myself only to overlay the tracks later so I am harmonizing with myself. I got this amazing scarf at the Portland Goodwill and went to the nearby park and recorded this. Sunlight through the trees is one of my favorite things to get on video. I don’t have to damage my eyes to see that beautiful light.

Regarding poem writing, I enjoy thinking about the shapes of feelings, thoughts and aesthetically encapsulated sentiments. I think that there’s a large amount of poetry in my soul and it’s a wonderful feeling to unleash it onto a page of notebook and then the world.

The geese on the Portland waterway are the results of a process I refer to fondly as “scraping.” It’s when I’m out and about and I see something lovely. I whip out my phone and record some video. I then put the video into my next project. I love having a home for these scrapings. It inspires me to mix together some audio and such and it keeps going in that way, too. Where I have some audio I scraped up and I want more video. Keeping up with myself isn’t easy, but it’s a fun time watching them together and seeing/hearing the juxtaposition of sounds and sights of my life.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: my new flute collection bought at an import store for a total of $26, whispered gibberish, poems I wrote


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