Video: Kitty Blume and Hollow Blind Present Harp and Bubbles

ASMR: Kitty Blume and Hollow Blind Present Harp and Bubbles – YouTube.

A day of collaboration. I met someone for the first time and recorded some of that interaction. I consider Hollow Blind to be the name of a collaboration group consisting of Noxii and Ladybot and myself. Kitty Blume is an upcoming local writer/cultural figure and friend of mine.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: The first repeat poem is heard here with Kitty Blume and myself. One person repeats the line that was said before and then makes up a new line and so one until “Finito.” Ladybot wrote a poem based off an experience we were continuing to have about “making a track.” Noxii was playing with the distortions of the sound of a drawer slamming (and other things) while I was playing his 22 string celtic harp sideways with some pens loosely attached to rubberbands.


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