Video: Prismatic Ventricles- Experiment 2


ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Production- Experiment 2 [binaural] – YouTube.

Prismatic Ventricles– From the great trio, specifically, a Squirrel composition, a strange good time. I love the youtube comments on this one:

“love it!”
“I… what.”
“Wow this is scary good. Thank you so much!!!!”
“This video is strangely compelling. It’s terrifying, yet I can’t look away.”

This was over a month a ago (I’m late on blogging these things) which makes for an interesting perspective on the project. This was my “cyber-shaman” phase when I thought myself some kind of priestess, wearing body paint and scarves, seeing into the feedback loops of my webcam and finding some truth to shapes and the material of reality.



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