Video: Prismatic Ventricles- Experiment 1

Experiment1ASMR: Prismatic Ventricles Production- Experiment 1 [binaural] – YouTube.

Prismatic Ventricles– From the great trio, something else. This is a track composed by Squirrel. He sent it to me, I attached some video I made of the colorama filter and the scanning (video panning) of this black and white piece I made using acrylic black and a correctional fluid pen (like this one BIC Wite Out Shake N Squeeze Correction Pens 16 mL White Pack Of 2 by Office Depot). Art is continuing even after your hand cramps. Is it a painting? Is it a drawing? Drawing with paint?

I love the laughter in this track. I’m looking forward to more collaborations where the sound is as rich and complex as this.

black-and-white 002


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