Portrait of Inspiration and Inktober

My work comes from my head and my heart, but mostly my hands.

Since I’ve started #inktober, I’ve created 3 images. I tried to do a 30 day challenge before with less success. Social Media helps as a reminder and incentive to stay with it. I am really glad to say that so far, so good. It’s been interesting having an opportunity to express myself with ink everyday. I approach the watercolor paper blank. It’s blank and I’m blank. I start drawing and it develops before my eyes like a Polaroid coming from a place that I was kind of aware of, but I’m wondering how deep it goes and how weird it gets. I don’t plan it out, but it’s really comforting to see pairs in the foreground. After years of mostly solitary figures in my work (look at the Drifters or the Nicole Series), it’s interesting in this brief beginning to see a theme of pair.


I am influenced by Carl Krull‘s use of line and how a series of lines can create a depthful surreal environment.


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