Video: Prismatic Ventricles- Without Listening

screenshot-prismatic-ventricles-1ASMR: Josh and Melanie Session- Without Listening – YouTube.

On a Monday night, Squirrel and Echo came over and recorded stuff with me. We put the microphone and iPhone on the table and recorded audio and visual of what we were doing. We painted our faces and danced around the binaural microphone with tracing paper on our feet or a bottle of water or anything we had lying around that could make a sound.

For a portion of it, the Profound Poem was created where Squirrel read random phrases from a book and Slick and Echo improvised on the words brought out.

We also used a contact mike to hear the sounds of salad dressing shook up, the sound of soft tomato flesh being cut through and the sounds of our vocal chords up close.

Squirrel generated some interesting and unrecognizable noises with his iPad that he danced with.

I layered the video I collected over itself and reflected and colorama-ed it. I love that feeling when the visual and audio are put together in a similar fashion: overlay.

I put the track together by taking the raw clips and putting them on top of each other and adjusting the volume so that it was in a decent listening range. I started to slap together the audio instead of splicing and repeating it. I like the long cuts.  I like the randomness of the real-time experience where the instincts of the players is raw and our togetherness is still half-formed.


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