Video: Zach Session- Everything Falls

screenshot-reflection-everything-fallsASMR: Zach Session- Everything Falls – YouTube.

This is my first session with someone else. Zach was a helpful and game volunteer. In the video you can see a readiness and a slight anxiety about the project, but we get through it and I think the result is beautiful, honest and strange. I like the facepaint ritual because it helps prepare the subject for the weirdness.

My favorite part: Zach tells us something he hasn’t told anyone else before.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: improvisational beat-box-esque sounds, a self-portrait in facepaint, the recording of an anonymous pianist recording at Volunteer Park during the Pianos in the Parks campaign of Summer 2014 (Home » Pianos in the Parks.)

The audio background reverses towards the middle. 4:11 for the percussion. 4:50 for the piano.  It’s awesome.


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