Video: Rainbow on Wood Part One

Screenshot of video

ASMR: Rainbow on Wood Part One of Two – YouTube.

When I first started doing these videos, I was very into a long spree of creativity and I should have blogged along the way, but I was definitely in a mode that I had not encountered before. Suddenly, I had time and space to play for most of the day. This is the product of such times.

In a way, the videos became my surrogate blog. Encrypted messages of how I spent my time. In this video, the first time I developed the colorama filter and used reflective symmetry to create a psychedelic effect. I like the face paint. I’ve been developing a face-painting ritual. It helps me get into the spirit of creativity. It’s like wearing special unique clothing that helps differentiate the days. Each day is unique.

This video captures a part of my process for how I finished the wood-quote. Rainbow Quote Engraved in Wood | MakerKat.

The audio

Recorded on a 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone: whispered gibberish, the whirring of a computer, sounds of peeling tape off of wood, spoken word where I explain more of my process of making the wood-quote.


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