My First Binaural Song

screen-shot-of-workI’m trying to understand this blog as I move into other media. I’ve posted lately to my new blog MakerKat | The Journey of a Working Member at Makerhaus and katcountiss on Instagram have been hosting some of my stuff as well. I will continue to post to this blog when I see appropriate. There’s this ASMR stuff that I’ve been doing that often (in my opinion) requires no blog post. It is what it seems. Sound explorations with my new binaural microphone that I’ve purchased with Kickstarter (ASMR: Whispering Gibberish and Sound Props by Katarina Countiss — Kickstarter) money. I’m looking forward to more explorations and musical worlds created through everyday objects.

I used to play clarinet, but I don’t anymore. I am not sure yet of what I’ve lost, but I know that it’s a precious thing to be a practicing musician. Through ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.) I feel like I’ve found something akin to music and something else. Something I never thought existed and I am still not sure how to put it into words. Here’s a song where I combined samples of sounds I’ve made into something semi-rhythmic and potentially profound (at least for me anyways). I hope others enjoy it as much as I have and I will continue making more tracks down this line of inquiry. I found it fun and relaxing.

Here’s the youtube video for the song: ASMR: Randomness of Darwin’s Theory [binaural] – YouTube.

And I’m interested in also seeing what others might come up with if they so chose. I love the collaborative creativity of the Internet. ASMR: Song samples 1 [binaural] – YouTube.

I’m definitely interested in working with musicians to get some classical diatonic feels. Hit me up! Send me samples! Let’s schedule a recording together and make it happen.



  1. Katarina, which binaural microphones did you purchase? I have the Sound Professionals MS-TFB-2. Super sensitive.

    I don’t create music right now, but I do create ASMR sound and vocal recordings. So if you have any collaborative ideas for mixing ASMR sounds or vocals with your binaural music then give me a whisper. Dr. Richard

  2. 3Dio Freespace Pro Binaural Microphone. I’m interested in ASMR collaborations of all kinds. Email me at katarinacountiss (at)

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