First Laser Burnt Poster


My first laser burnt poster. Not exactly my style but I love the concept behind it. 32″ w x 40″ $15. Matting board. What is laserburnt? I am a member at a Maker space in Seattle (Makerhaus) and have access to a laser in box, essentially. That box can hold materials almost three feet by four feet. That laser can cut wood and also lightly burn paper and now I know how to use it, so let me know if you want some pieces cut, burnt, or engraved.

This is a Makerhaus project, so I will be posting this on MakerKat later. I’ll update this post when I do so.

Regarding the content, I saw this thing on Pinterest and it really caught my eye. I enjoy that kind of speculation. Are we all in a simulation? In a dream, in a stasis chamber somewhere?

I am really excited about this piece. At 32″ w x 40″, it stands to be my biggest poster yet. I’ve made bigger paintings, but this is something else. It’s fascinating seeing the interplay of the laser and code with paper. Through my understanding and exploring of graphic design, it’s interesting seeing the old and new collide. Seeing that in this piece gives me an immense satisfaction. I’ve been exploring what “multimedia designer” means to me.

A part of that exploration is opening up shop. I’ve started the paperwork for my business license, opened up a business bank account and now here’s my first piece of inventory. June and some of July is going to be inventory making time, but if you see something you like, you ought to state your intention to buy it from me.

Over 10 years of making fine art, I still have to remind myself that just because people don’t tell me that they like it doesn’t mean they don’t like it. I’ve painted over  many  good paintings because of no response, so I urge you that you should definitely say hi and let me know what you think. (I also appreciate constructive criticism).

To follow what I’m up to with my online shop, follow me on facebook: Katarina Countiss Multimedia.


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