Mother’s Day Card and Painting Video

import5-15 016ASMR: drawing a greeting card http://only – YouTube.

import5-15 022For Mother’s Day last Sunday, I painted a picture of a lily. My mother likes Calla lilies, so I got one and painted it.

import5-15 017
My new painting station

ASMR: calla lily painting video 1 – YouTube.

I’ve been gearing up for my latest project, funding my Kickstarter (which is a project in itself!). I’ve been recording more videos, hoping that it will get people interested in my work. I’m exploring how to set up my camera and microphone to capture things while I draw and paint. At my old house, I hung my camera from the chandelier which seemed to work for painting videos. Now, I don’t have a chandelier, so I tried to use this metal bin on some soda cans. I occassionally hit the metal bars with my paint brush, so it is not ideal. I will keep an eye out at thrift stores for better solutions.


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