Portfolio Update: Games are the Goal, Part 2

In my second session of coding, I smoothed out the mobile layout. I was wondering where the nav bar would go (it’s placed with absolute positioning, so earlier in the iteration process, it was blocking some text in the mobile div. So, I created a secret class that only shows up on mobile and I put a little bio in it.

view of website on my iPhone
view of website on my iPhone

Because the lack of screen space and the way websites are broken up to fit mobile, the website needs to sum itself up early on in the mobile version.

I also put in the gif I mentioned in the last post. It is a hover activated image and looks like this (see below) when hovered upon. I think it’s fun.




I worked on my resume page and found that I wanted to expand on the composition of the home page. (Think similar but different.) I played around with a few different backgrounds…




This is how the resume page looks.

I liked this composition the best. My education, skills and work experience feel like they’ve been building on each other and I wanted to reflect that visually.


Next tasks: I want to make the project images more convincing. I love the process and I want to high light more of the process in some cool collage/overlay texture on the homepage.


Katarina Countiss (visit it and tell me what you think!)
 (Earlier Post Relating to This Project)


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