Portfolio Update: Games are the Goal

I took this picture of my loose wireframe last night. Little signs that I should have a game industry job.
I'm gonna try use these projects for bait. (Early stage of change to the portfolio.)
I’m gonna try use these projects for bait. (Early stage of change to the portfolio.)


Today, I worked on my portfolio. I really want to get into the game industry I realized. I was watching one of my friends play God of Light – Android Apps on Google Play and I thought to myself: that’s the coolest thing.


I thought I’d add fun backgrounds, but they were a little distracting.
Here’s where I got a little crazy and thought it would be fun and playful to have my logo “tile” in the background… (And there’s me trying to remember how a CSS sprite is made.)

Wes Anderson Palettes. I might have chosen the least joyous of these color palettes for this website. I’m pondering changing it in the next session.

I gathered my senses and decided to use the tiles I originally made to pattern (I didn’t really apply myself with those patterns, anyways) as icons. For the background, I wanted to tie in the colors without being too distracting. I thought color blocking might be fun. I started with this “German flag” svg in the background and it did something really cool. It made it look like they were woven together, so I kept it!

CSS transitions for the images (they turn to colors when you hover over it). I’m thinking I want to put an easter egg somewhere. A fun glowing gem gif behind one of the divs so that when you hover over it, it pops out. I’ll  think about it some more.

I’d say I’m about half way through. I still have to further style the text and change all the other pages to match.

porfolio-update4 Katarina Countiss (visit it and tell me what you think!)
 (Earlier Post Relating to This Project)


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