One of a Kind Collector’s Edition Merch for Shelby

toy Shelby product clip version 1 graphic design materials
toy Shelby product clip version 1, certificate of authenticity, and instructions

Toy Shelby product clip version 1: hand-drawn penguin, my favorite cartoon character (Shelby), using a Prismacolor Premier Brush Tip and some glue to affix it to the Modern Cube card clip. A Certificate of Authenticity: an Illustrator file with a complex-ish line then copied and rotated 15 degrees until a circle design is completed With some red diagonals for accent. Printed and then stamped with my self-inking logo stamp (I love that). An InDesign instructional document with easy-to-follow diagrams made in Illustrator including a logo that was colored in Photoshop. Jokey small print. I made this for a friend’s birthday and I think she loved it. Hard to tell with Stoics. Fun project. I like trinket design.

Here’s Toy Shelby product clip version 1 in action in her new home on a bookshelf in South Seattle next to a unicorn.
Shelby Logo
Shelby Logo

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