To Do List, the Interactive PDF

After some mild success with using To Do List, a simple HTML checkbox and text field document, I found myself wanting to save the items (which everyone is wont to do, I realized). I still like the “no-login” situation, but yikes, if the browser fails, the list is gone. So, I decided to jump the HTML ship and use Indesign’s interactive form features. This document is designed for viewing on a desktop (meh, laptops, too.) Tablets, not sure. Don’t have one… It’s at web resolution. Maybe I’ll add buttons if I want to mail myself these or print them out… to be revisited when I have a proper studio– where I own a printer! (InDesign Help | Buttons.) In the meantime, I’ll be saving this to my checklists file.


I kept searching out my personal projects hidden in between my work projects… best keep these lists separately. So nice. It’s incredible that I might have forty things to do, but I am looking forward to be able to juggle that much on a regular basis.


Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. I just started this book, but I love it so much already.

“This was one of William James’ favorite subjects. He thought you wanted to put your life on auto-pilot; by forming good habits, he said, we can ‘free our minds to advance to really inderesting fields of action.'” p.xiv

To Do List, the Interactive PDF


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