Nina’s Birthday Card


From the Strathmore Creative Cards, Fluorescent White with Deckle, 5″ x 6-7/8″, 50-Pack using Pigma® Micron® 05 Burgundy, Hunter Green (leftovers from the Holiday Cards 2013), I made a birthday card. I love greeting cards. I was surprised by the design I created doodling on this card. So festive! I put it into Adobe Illustrator and edited it a bit (nice thing about computer design is that there is a ctrl-z). I changed the color a bit in Photoshop and voila. Her birthday already passed, but I’m going to print this anyways. It’s one of the best birthday cards I’ve designed, though what good is it if it’s not delivered? Next year, she’ll be tickled to find a 2.0 version of her card!




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