Portfolio Iteration Feb 2014

My New Portfolio Landing Page
My New Portfolio Landing Page

Today, I finished updating my graphic design portfolio. I wanted to feature new pieces. I acknowledge that my past defines me, but I also want to show growth and maturation. In this iteration, I’ve simplified the navigation. An experiment: Just a home button with the wordmark part of my logo on it. I’m only showing 12 pieces, ranging from web design to hand-drawn greeting cards. I wanted to show my versatility, and creativity. (The 10 Most Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn (Infographic) | Entrepreneur.com)

I also simplified the footer. I moved the email address so it would show up on mobile. The thing about the footer in mobile is that it is the same height (and fixed) thus cutting off the social icons (which are kind of useless right now anyways with all the apps going around, the link would open in safari and ask you to login etc. way too complicated.) Changed the social icons from black to a periwinkle. My eyes kept staring at them.

User Testing

I tested the portfolio site with one person and told him that he was my employer.

Link for website not given emphasis
His only comment: Link for actual product was not given emphasis.

test-2So, I made the link a simple CSS button. (CSS Button Generator – Imageless CSS Buttons Simplified.) This is the first time I am linking to code I’ve worked on. This iteration of the portfolio website has four pieces that link to HTML websites.


I’m really proud of my projects because I learned from them. I like seeing them in little capsules and it’s nice to refer back to. So, I modified timemachine.php (the portal to index1) a little. I added a hidden link at the bottom of the landing page for easy yet not obvious access.

hidden-linkHover over it for a trip to my earlier years of learning graphic design, etc. (Still learning, so you know.) The old website has been kind of beat up because it’s still connected to the updated CSS, but I don’t mind. I think there’s something funny about watching it fall apart as I move on to different conventions.

I would like to play with hidden links more. It’s interesting to have a secret door into a part of the website that I would like people to see, but only if you’re curious enough.

Katarina Countiss. << The Latest and Greatest Portfolio (so far)

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