Portfolio Update Featuring TimeMachine

I had a phone interview where I had to point the interviewer away from my portfolio site to my blog for “recent work.” So, I realized it was time for an update.

This is me for a second thinking it would be okay to make a div 100% wide. Nope, that’s where my svg lives.
My goal for this iteration is to have bigger and more compelling images to entice the user.

I am not finishing the site today, but what to do in case someone wants to look at it? My solution, timemachine.php. If anyone clicks any of these images on my home page, it goes to a new page. I’ve kept all the files in the same place in the folder for the site, but made one change where the index is now index1.php and I’ve added a page named timemachine inspired by this cool site: Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. I like the idea of being able to see who I was as a designer, just graduated, trying to lure employers with “student work.” And to be fair, I have a lot of student work, but I’m preparing to show some other pieces that make me feel like I’ve grown since then.

My portfolio in my portfolio

Kat-Branding. Check it.

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