Simple Clipboard Website

Exploring text fields. Note: the two character wide column will not work for readability reasons.
Ten text areas, numbered for reference purposes. The illusion of organization is just as important as organization.

Today, I felt a need for an in-browser clipboard, so I went to find some code. This is after a week of success with using the To Do List I made last week. I’m the kind of person that is always in Tabbed Browsing mode. So, I’d like to make some tools for that kind of user. This Simple Clipboard and the Simple To-Do List are both killed when refreshed (all the text input goes away), so to use these tools, remember, they are as fragile as an etch-a-sketch. It makes it simpler, I think. It also makes the user more cautious with that mouse when hovering over a close button on a broswer window.

Today’s lesson, text field is not really a field, but more of a line, or an urban alleyway converted into a small pop-up park. Textarea, however, is a field (in the way I think of fields). I also learned about the difference between HTML 4.01 and 5. HTML5 has added several new attributes. Check them out at HTML textarea tag.

I found my code here (Forms : Text Field – HTML Tutorial.) and and some variation of last year’s Amazium. At, they have a easy to use in-browser testing area: Tryit Editor v1.8.


Sometimes, your greatest tools aren’t all that complicated.


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