Simple To Do List Website

I’m working from home today and I wanted to have a simple to do list for display on my second monitor (I don’t have a great space for notebooks on my desk right now and I left my Personal Kanban board at work.) I googled “to do list website” and found apps, not a simple editable to do list for desktop in browser, so I whipped one up. Code from HTML Forms and Input and some variation of last year’s Amazium.

Sometimes, your greatest tools aren’t all that complicated.
To Do List.


Update 2-17-14: I’m really enjoying the to do list. I had one instance where I had a internet cut-out and lost my to do list. Most of the items checked off, so it didn’t feel like a big deal, but I wanted to screen save it. So if there was a screensave option that was quick, I’d love to save these lists as record of things I’ve done. Simple. Must be simple. I’d like to avoid a login situation. If there was a way it would immediately save as picture to desktop…

My second round of ten things almost complete.

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