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about page
about page

Today, I wanted to give Shelby (a budding webcomic I am working on) a home on my website. I’m planning on adding a few more episodes, as production levels will provide– no specific timeline, yet. When I see a character I can relate to, I know that there will be more. Anyways, I used my New york 2013 files as a template which uses mostly an Amazium framework, then added a fixed footer using the code for the bottom bar that I used once on a digital product, You Are A Graphic Designer which is originally from Ratchet. I really like the controls on Slideshare‘s embedded slide-deck frame, so I decided not to bother coding something new or searching for something where I can have the pdf live on my site. I just wanted a quick and borrowed solution. Need not to invent the wheel right now for a project this casual. It feels nice having a place for it to live. I believe in microsites to be really sweet and caring gesture. A really nice idea deserves a clean little nook on the internet.

Link to website: Shelby.


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